One of our readers, Mia, sent in some photos of her Karito Kids Pita doll who she has renamed Archer. Karito Kids dolls are 21″ tall so they can wear some American Girl clothing but their arms and legs are definitely longer.

Karito Kids Pita doll

Archer is is wearing her meet outfit. Mia thinks Archer/Pita is a really pretty, good quality doll. She has a serene facial expression and soft hair.

Karito Kids doll

Here is Archer wearing some clothes for 18″ dolls including Kit’s sweater.

Karito Kids close up

Archer close up.

Karito Kids boots

Karito Kids boots close up.

I went to the Karito Kids website, and while everything is still there, it looks like you can only buy the Karito Kids through Amazon right now and I’m not even sure if they are still making the dolls. Does anyone have insight on this? Thanks to Mia for sharing these photos!