One of our readers, Allyson, sent in these photos of her doll Kailey as she returned from the doll hospital.

Dear Doll Diaries,ย  my doll Kailey just got back from the doll hospital in a new hospital gown today! It is a very pretty pattern with flowers butterflies and band aids prints on it. I would recommend the American Girlย Doll Hospital to everyone it is completely worth it!!!! she comes with socks a certificate a card a hospital gown and I’m not sure if every doll comes with a pink ribbon but mine did
Here is a close up on the doll hospital bracelet.
GOTY Kailey Returns from AG Hospital
This is a closeup on the certificate you get! Thank you Dr. Meier for helping Kailey feel better.
Here is the box your doll comes in!
GOTY Kailey Returns from AG Hospital
Kailey was my first American Girl doll and she went to the doll hospital because the strings attaching her legs where unravelling and her left leg fell off.
Kailey got her ears pierced while she was at the doll hospital they are very pretty!
I am so happy that Kailey is all better now. I would recommend The American Girl Doll Hospital to everyone!! This was my first time sending a doll and it was definitely worth it!
Thanks Allyson for sending in these photos. I am so glad you had a good experience with the doll hospital and that you and Kailey have been reunited!!