Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a great week and has some fun plans for the weekend. I will start my weekend off cheering on Natalie and her friends at their swim meet tomorrow morning but hope to have time to do some sewing or something else creative later in the weekend. I have a few things to share that don’t really go in another category…

First, the girls on my desk right now say hi! The shelf above my computer is where I put various dolls from our collection on display – they all take turns and sometimes there is a theme and sometimes there is not. They keep me company while I work all day and that makes me happy. From left to right – Snoopy (I just LOVE Snoopy), Ivy, Ellowyne, sitting down Emma and Hadley our Little Miss Matched dolls, then Addison (BFC Ink) and Olivia dressed in an Our Generation bowling outfit.

  • Thanks to everyone who has entered our giveaways! They are lots of fun, however, when you enter them, please read all the instructions!! I can’t tell you how many entries into the SF Style Club were winners but the entrants didn’t read the instructions and I couldn’t get in touch with them – so I had to pick someone else.
  • If you enter a giveaway, please double check the email address you use for your comment. I always email our winners after the giveaway closes, but if your email bounces back or I don’t hear from you for a week, I have to draw a new winner.
  • We love our Doll Diaries readers and want you to enjoy your time here! When you leave a comment, please use the same name and same email address each time. If you are being multiple people, I will probably delete some of the extra comments.
  • Please take the time to read your own comment before you hit submit! I know that you are taught as early as first grade to capitalize the word “I” and even our youngest commenters should know this. I have been getting tons of comments recently where the spelling is so bad, I have a hard time understanding what the reader was trying to say. Everyone makes mistakes and this is not English class, however, please do the best you can to spell correctly, review your comment before you send it, and always think before you submit.
  • We love sharing photos of your dolls, your collection, your craft ideas and more. You are more than welcome to submit things for Doll Diaries to share, however, help me out a bit! Please include a description of your photo – like what dolls are in the picture, what are they wearing, and other things you like to know when you look at a photo – and let me know what name you want the photos credited to.
  • As we get close to another historical release, feel free to share any scoop you find, but remember – I will not post anything unless you can tell me where you got the information – as in a link, photo, or something else I can substantiate.
  • Finally, I really care a lot about making Doll Diaries a fun website that doll lovers of ALL ages enjoy visiting. That is why I read every comment left on this site and delete anything I do not feel is appropriate – I give myself a lot of leeway on the appropriate decision!

Thanks again for being part of this awesome community! I appreciate each and every one of you. And stand by for a new giveaway coming up very shortly.