It’s time to get groovy with Julie! Our Julie was wanting a new outfit for Christmas so the Calico Dress made its way here.

Julie's Calico Dress

Julie’s Calico Dress is definitely something I can picture having worn as a child in the 70’s. My Mom made most of my clothes and I know that style and calico fabric were hot! Not to mention the ribbed red tights – I know I had a pair of those!

Julie's Floral Jumpsuit

Sharry bought Julie’s Floral Jumpsuit for her Springfield Doll Maria. Some people have noted that the Jumpsuit is a bit snug on some Julie’s but the Springfield Dolls are just a bit slimmer so this fits Maria beautifully! Again – it is a piece that is very true to the era that Julie grew up in and something that many of us children of the 70’s or our Mom’s would have worn. Really.