Again, I have to thank Madelon for sending in these photos! She bought the Journey Girls Kelsey that is wearing the tribal print sweater from Toys R Us and the Saige similarities are definitely there!

First, Journey Girls are 18″ slim body dolls that sell for about $30 at Toys R Us, Amazon and various retailers. Β They can share furniture and many accessories with American Girl and other 18″ soft body dolls but not all of their clothes are interchangeable and they can not share shoes. Journey Girls can share with other 18″ slim body dolls like Carpatina, FAO, and similiar. Springfield Dolls and Maplelea are a little slimmer than AG so they can share some Journey Girl items – you just have to experiment.

Journey Girls Kelsey Tribal Sweater

Here is Journey Girls Kelsey wearing her Tribal Sweater outfit. It comes with the sweater, a t-shirt, skinny jeans, dark brown boots, a purse and and a belt. Not bad for $32! And, this set has been out since before Saige made her debut – just in case you were wondering.

Journey Girls Kelsey Tribal Sweater

Kelsey out of her box. I am loving her pretty green eyes and those boots – I want them in my size!! Kelsey’s hair comes in two loose, low ponytails.

I am sure it is just the angle the photo was taken, but Kelsey looks taller than Saige. I definitely LOVE the fact that Kelsey’s outfit comes with a belt – I might need to make one for our Saige’s outfit.

Here is a closer look at her strappy brown boots and skinny jeans.

A closer look at the underside of Kelsey’s sweater.Β 

The one thing about the Journey Girls is that while their hair is better than average for a play doll, it is not the quality you will find on AG, Carpatina or even the Madame Alexander Favorite Friends. It is not bad, but I recommend storing your dolls standing up and keeping their hair in braids or another style while they are being played with a lot.

Kelsey would make a great sister or friend for Saige! Keep an eye out for her on sale or use Toys R Us rewards points for an even better deal. I am looking forward to seeing what new accessories and furniture is added to the Journey Girls line this year as it is always a good value and something all our dolls can share.

Thanks Madelon for sending these in! I am definitely going to consider adding Kelsey to our collection!