stop-bullying The primary story line behind the American Girl of the Year Doll for 2009, Chrissa Maxwell, is how to deal with bullies – in school, in sports, online and in all aspects of life. As part of the Chrissa’s mission, American Girl is deeming May 1 as “Stop the Bullying Day”.

The American Girl Place stores will be hosting special events for the day and the American Girl web site has a complete list of ways you can get involved, activities to do and the results of their “Stop the Bullying” poster contest.

I know this is a big topic for kids in all grades everywhere. My youngest daughter just helped one of our teenage friends do a public service announcement commercial on bullying for one of her high school classes. If she posts it on YouTube I will share it here – they talked about the issues they are facing as teens in school on bullying and by simply applying the “Golden Rule” so much of the bullying could be stopped. She had my daughter in the commercial at the end to reinforce that even the younger kids know to treat each other with respect, so the teens should be able to do it too.

Do your part to stop bullying in your schools May 1 and everyday by treating others with kindness and respect, and by speaking up when someone is being bullied.