I got a phone call from my Mom the other day saying she had found a box in the basement with some other items that they had inherited from family members and in the box was a little 8″ doll. The box was from my Great Aunt who had lived in California in the 1950-1970 time-frame.

Nancy Ann Muffie box

The box looks like this. It says Muffie on the top and Nancy Ann Storybook on the sides with her trademark polka dots. According to my Dad, my Great Aunt used to love dolls and would buy them and make them little outfits.

Muffie Box End

According to the box, it should contain an undressed Muffie that is a brunette with pigtails and you can even see it was purchased for $1.98 – what year, I do not know, but I am guessing the 50’s or 60’s.

Is this a Muffie or Ginny

But what the box says is not what is inside! Inside is a sweet little blonde doll who is dressed in a cream colored dress with little beaded sequins for trim. I am trying to figure out if she is a Nancy Ann Muffie or whether she is a Vogue Ginny. Both were popular doll brands at the time and it is very possible that she is a Ginny doll but is wearing Muffie’s undergarments and shoes. I can not find a stamp or marking on her body – but it is possible I am missing something or there is some other clue that would help me figure out who she is.

Muffie Ginny

Here she is standing up. She is a straight leg walker meaning as she “walks” her head turns side to side. At that time some of the dolls were straight leg, some straight leg walkers and others had bendable knees and were bent knee walkers.

Vintage doll blonde 8"

For being 40-60 years old, this doll is in FANTASTIC condition. I am 99% sure she has been in a box for at least 40 years as my Great Aunt passed away when I was a little girl. Her bright blue eyes are sleep eyes and while they still open and close, they don’t do so easily.  Her wig is definitely glued on and is in amazing condition, too. Her limbs are also in fantastic condition – they are hard plastic but move with ease yet are not loose.

Vintage doll blonde 8"

The only flaw I can find is a tiny little bit of discoloration under her chin where a rubber band has been for the last 40+ years. I removed the rubber band as I can not see any reason to have it on there.

Vintage doll undies and shoes

She doesn’t really like showing you her undies, but for identification purposes, it is important. she is wearing a cream colored undies and socks and white shoes that are soft plastic with a knob closure.

Nancy Ann Dolls Muffie pamphlet catalog vintage

In the box was also the original catalog/pamphlet for the doll that originally came in this box. It has a cute letter to Muffie’s new playmate and then it unfolds to show all the dolls available in the line at the time. I was surprised to see the variation and all the accessories, outfits and extras that were available for these little cuties back then.

vintage muffie nancy ann doll catalog

The variety of outfits was adorable! Look at those cute little dresses, purses and hats! This little 8″ cutie had it all.

vintage muffie nancy ann doll catalog

This is part of the back of the pamphlet that show the bridal party dolls and the special occasion dolls. The dressed bridal party dolls must have been special as they were $5.29 compared to a $1.98 undressed doll. So interesting!

Basically I have a few mysteries to solve:

1. What year is the Muffie box and the Muffie catalog from?

2. Is the doll that is in the box a Nancy Ann Muffie – and which one – or is she a Vogue Ginny – which one – or is she another brand like Hollywood or something else all together?

3. Was the outfit that is on blondie a dress made by the manufacturer or one made by my Great Aunt?

Any doll historians, history buffs or those in the know – if you have any insights, links to guides or any other clues, please leave a comment below or email me at share@dolldiaries.com. I’d love to get more information about this doll.