UPDATE: According to the Winnepeg Free Press the upcoming American Girl movie will star Nia Vardalos and newcomer Jade Pettyjohn as Velma, “a strong-willed young gymnast with Olympic aspirations, whose plans evaporate when she is sidelined by an injury”. Nia Vardalos is cast as her mother. They are still casting extras.

The film will be direct-to-video, much like the Chrissa movie was in 2009.


Rumors of a new American Girl movie have been swirling around for some time, however, according to the website Extras Casting, it may be true.

American Girl Movie Casting Call

According to the website, they are casting extras in Winnipeg for an upcoming American Girl film. The story synopsis according to the website is:

AMERICAN GIRL Velma is a wonderfully spirited, strong-willed young gymnast with Olympic aspirations, whose whole world comes crashing down when she is unexpectedly sidelined by an injury. Unfocused, with her grades slipping; she meets a tutor “Jane” and learns a few choice life lessons about what really matters.

Now I have no way of knowing if this website is indeed correct, but it would appear that this is not a Julie movie rather an American Girl of the Year story. And of course, there is no guarantee the names are accurate either.

A gymnastics themed movie would be fun – kind of like how Chrissa’s movie had the swimming component along with the anti-bullying storyline. I wonder if the reason there is no gymnastics outfit currently in the American Girl collection has to do with the creation of the new character’s items??  Another reason a gymnast would be a good option for 2012 is the 2012 Olympics will take place and we all know that gymnastics is one of the most popular events at the Olympic games. So many questions and all we can do is speculate!

PS – (Thanks Lena for sharing the link)