I will be the first to admit that I am not a “baby doll” person. There are plenty of little girls who adore their baby dolls and plenty of grown ups who collect only baby dolls, but I am not one of them. So it takes a very special baby doll to get my attention.  In the spring when I was at Toy Fair I visited the Playmates Toys showroom so I could check out the new Hearts for Hearts Girls. While I was in there I was introduced to the WaterBabies line of baby dolls for little girls ages 3 and up. All it took was 30 seconds of this little 13″ snuggle bug in my arms and I was captivated! Think comforting hot water bottle meets adorable cuddly baby doll.

Waterbabies best baby doll for ages 3-6

Some of you may remember Waterbabies from the early 1990s – well, they have been re-introduced so a whole new generation of girls can enjoy them. The one thing that really sets this baby doll apart from others in the category is that you can fill Waterbabies with warm water and they feel like  a real baby. It sounds crazy but it is so neat. 

Best baby dolls for 3-6 yr old

Bravo for packaging that is not maddening! The Waterbabies dolls are held in place in their box by a few pieces of string that you can easily untie in the back of the box. No plastic zip ties to cut, just lift a piece of tape and untie the string.

water filled baby doll

Safely fill Waterbabies with lukewarm water and you don’t have to worry about leaks or the water getting gross thanks to the special anti-bacterial, mold resistant ingredient in their plastic (although the manufacturer recommends changing the water once a week).

Waterbabies Giggly Wiggly


Waterbabies water filled baby doll

The Waterbabies dolls come with a special funnel that snaps into her back so you can easily fill her with water. From time to time during the fill process you have to give your Waterbaby a little burp to get the air bubbles out.

Waterbabies Giggly Wiggly

Waterbabies Giggly Wiggly is a little different than the other dolls in the Waterbabies series – she giggles when you press her tummy! She also comes with a bottle and a pacifier. If she has her bottle or paci in her mouth when you give her tummy a squeeze it appears that she is sucking. It really adds another dimension to the doll – because little girls love to play Mommy and feed their little babies. 😉

She is really is amazingly soft and the perfect size to take anywhere. For comparisons’s sake, I took a few pictures of Giggly Wiggly next to American Girl’s Bitty Baby.

How big are Waterbabies compared to Bitty Baby

Natalie’s Bitty Baby is very well loved and has always had priority on the bed – but now she has to share. As you can see from the photo the Waterbabies doll is shorter by a few inches than Bitty Baby but her head is actually a little bigger. Waterbabies do not have sleep eyes that close when the doll lies flat – they are painted eyes. Both dolls are extremely huggable and both dolls are perfect for little girls (and big girls too).

Waterbabies dolls perfect for girls 3-6  

You can see that Giggly Wiggly fits nicely in my hand, making her the perfect size for little girls to love. I challenge you to fill up one of these little cuties and not pick her up. You can’t do it. They just want to be held!

The next time I have to buy a gift for a little girl, one of the Waterbabies is going to be my first choice! Apart from the fact that the dolls are adorable, well-made, and comforting, they are being sold at a price that is very reasonable – Giggly Wiggly is the most expensive because she giggles and comes with the bottle and pacifier and she is only $19.99. 

Follow Waterbabies on Facebook and find a coupon for their online shopping site. You can also find Waterbabies at Amazon, Toys R Us, Target and other major retailers.

Disclosure: I received this doll because I actually won her – I was not required to do a review of her at all. However, I really like this doll and would recommend it to anyone looking for a doll in this category, so I chose to share my insights and photos.