I just love my readers! Within hours of posting the images of the new American Girl items last week, I had emails from both Madelon and Diana. They each live close to an American Girl store (two different ones) and had gone over to take photos for me. How sweet of them! Rather than do two separate posts, I thought I would share photos from both of them in one post.

Garnet the calf is bigger than I thought next to Caroline in her work dress.

The updated display case for Caroline’s collection at American Girl DC.

The cotton plaid dress with blue sandals, then the knit dress with the pink shoes.

The offset buttons are such an unexpected and nice touch. 

The pet trailer is seriously cute though!!

New birthday party set for girls and pets.

The party set from another angle.

You can now buy the Starry Doll Holder that attaches to the wall.

The new Bitty Baby Lemonade Stand.

Molly in her new floral PJs and yellow bed.

The Sweet Spring dress is starting to look like it might be next on our list!

Bitty’s new swim suit and the very pink salon chair!

I have a few more photos from both Madelon and Diana of the items they bought that day, but you will have to check back to see them in a separate post! Thanks again ladies!