how to make easy doll sized halloween treat bags

I’m so glad you liked the printable Halloween Treat bags (the one with the cat on it) that I shared with you yesterday, but I couldn’t help myself and made a few more doll sized Halloween treat bags out of single serve cereal boxes and another little box we just happen to have around. These are so easy to make that you can make them to match your doll’s costume in just a matter of minutes.

how to make easy doll sized halloween treat bags

To make easy Halloween bags for your dolls you will need:

  • Single serve cereal box or similar sized box for 18″ dolls. I also had a smaller box I used for 14″ dolls.
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Duct Tape in the color(s) of your choice
  • Ribbon, yarn or pipe cleaners to make handle
  • Embellishments – I used Washi tape, googly eyes and ribbon

make doll size Halloween bag

Step 1 – Cut the flaps off one end of the box (be sure to keep the other end closed)

Step 2 – Cover the box with Duct Tape in the color of your choice. Be sure to tuck the tape in over the opening for a clean finished look.

Step 3 – Add ribbon or embellishments to your treat bag – stickers, googly eyes, sparkles and the list goes on

Step 4 – Using the hole punch put four holes (two on each side) in the box for the handles

Step 5 – Thread ribbon through the holes and tie off ends, or use pipe cleaners and twist the ends to create your handles

Doll sized halloween bags

Little Miss Matched Girl, Hadley, is dressed up as a Mummy (just wrap your doll in toilet paper!) and is carrying her lime green monster treat bag. I used black and white polka dot Washi tape (just printed masking tape that is fun to use) and stick on googly eyes to make a super simple, but very cute bag for her.

Julie is rocking her cat costume so I decided she needed a cheetah inspired bag with just a little ribbon detailing added.

I can’t wait to see what costumes your doll’s are wearing for the Halloween parade and if you decide to make them matching treat bags, too!

And what’s that awesome looking armoire in the background? Oh, that, its from Springfield and we will be doing a giveaway for it later this season! Trust me, you will love it!