Happy Birthday to our dear Samantha!! Samantha Parkington was one of the original three American Girl dolls released by Pleasant Rowland in 1986. She was born May 26, 1895 and her stories take place in 1904.

American Girl Samantha's Collection

This is a photo of the Samantha display at American Girl Place in New York City from the summer of 2006. That is my sweet little Nat in the corner. As you can see, Samantha’s collection is very pretty with plenty of tea party worthy fashions and finery that were popular in her time. You can see her whole collection as it changed from when she was released in 1986 until she was retired in 2008 at AG Doll Collecting.

American Girl Samantha Parkington

Madelon’s Samantha is ready for her party! She even borrowed some party treats from her friend Kit.

In celebration of Samantha’s birthday, why not have a tea party for your dolls or print out this word scramble I made a few years ago for another site I had and test your knowledge on Samantha’s World. (If you get stumped, go to Samantha’s page on the American Girl website – all the answers can be found there).

Samantha Printable

Download Samantha’s Word Scramble as a PDF file (you will need Adobe Acrobat reader).

Leave your birthday wishes for Samantha here or post a photo of your Samantha celebrating her day on our Facebook page.