Happy Birthday Julie!! Julie’s birthday is May 1, 1966 which means she is the same age (give or take a year or two) as most of my friends and me. When Julie was released as the newest historical doll, Moms all across the US suddenly felt “old” but there is something really neat about being able to share memories of your childhood with your daughter through the stories of a doll and her collection.

Our Julie celebrated her birthday this weekend with her friends in her newly decorated apartment in Natalie’s room. Natalie captured all the fun in a stopmotion video just for you! (PS she has her own YouTube channel now – if you want to see all her stopmotion/video creations, subscribe to Thesingingdollies from Doll Diaries)

Since Natalie had already taken photos and made the stopmotion of Julie celebrating this year, here is a look back at Julie and Ivy celebrating last year.

From Alyssa – Julie and Molly are ready to celebrate their birthdays together over breakfast – they are still in their pajamas!

From Barb & Frances – Julie shows off one of her brand new outfits that she got for her birthday.

From Vivi – Julie is celebrating with her best friends Ivy and Anita with cupcakes that they brought. Happy Birthday Julie!

From Madelon – Julie celebrating with a special piece of cake!

Also from Madelon – Julie modeling her new shirt – which is very 70s with the smocking but believe it or not, it is a Webkinz dress that Madelon paid $1.50 for!

From Janet – Julie and Lanie celebrated Julie’s birthday by going for a walk in the gardens.

If you have birthday wishes for Julie or photos of your Julie celebrating today – send me a photo! Email share@dolldiaries.com and put HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE in the subject line.