Happy Birthday dear Felicity!! According to her stories, American Girl Felicity’s birth date was April 21, 1765 in Colonial Williamsburg. As a matter of fact, it was after a visit to Colonial Williamsburg where American Girl founder, Pleasant Rowland first came up with the idea of connecting girls with history through stories told through the eyes of girls their own age. In other words, history through the eyes of girls, not through the eyes of historians.

Happy Birthday Felicity

This is my Felicity – yes, mine – celebrating her birthday. She was my first American Girl doll (Ivy is my other one) and she is wearing her Tea Lesson outfit and has the Tea Treats cake tower with fruit in the center of the table. She is also holding a doll sized Happy Birthday card I made her from the American Girl Historical Card Making Kit that I got half price at Michaels this week.

What are your favorite Felicity stories? How about your favorite items from Felicity’s collection?

PS – if you have sent in photos for the reader photo event, I got them and they will be posted later this afternoon – we have a super busy, kinda crazy day today!