Did you know that today is American Girl Historical Character Elizabeth’s birthday? Elizabeth is Felicity’s best friend and their stories are from Colonial Williamsburg in 1774, just before the start of the Revolutionary War. The new American Girl Historical Character, Caroline is from 1812 which is the time of the American Revolution. 

Yesterday when we were at the American Girl store in Washington DC, we bought our Elizabeth doll a birthday present – Caroline’s Holiday Gown.

Happy birthday Elizabeth

Isn’t it beautiful? I think the purple is just so pretty on Elizabeth and while she does not look exactly like Caroline, she is going to share with Caroline for the time being as we are not adding her to our collection right away. 

Rose also posted her birthday wishes for Elizabeth on our Facebook page:

In Rose’s photo, Elizabeth is wearing her actual Holiday Gown which we did not have a chance to buy before Elizabeth was retired.

It has been on crazy, busy, can’t even catch my breath kind of day. I know I promised you photos of what we got at the American Girl store… Caroline’s Holiday Outfit is the outfit, and I will post photos of the doll we got later this evening. Thanks for being patient with me!