American Girl historical character Cecile Ray was born May 28, 1843 and grew up in New Orleans. Here are some birthday celebration photos from our readers.

From Madelon – Cecile prepares for a huge birthday bash!

From Marjorie – Cecile travels to the future and celebrates with Maplelea Jenna and Saila.

From Sophia – Marie-Grace and Cecile are enjoying sweets outside with their mini dolls in honor of Cecile’s  birthday. Happy Birthday Cecile!

From Janet – Marie-Grace hugs Cecile and wishes her a very happy birthday.


Get to know Cecile and her best friend Marie-Grace as they grow up in New Orleans in the 1850s by doing their activities and playing their games on the American Girl site. Or print out the American Girl Publishing Marie Grace and Cecile event planner for ideas for activities and printable crafts.

If you have any birthday wishes/photos for Cece, email them to me at and I will add them to this post.