March 9th is considered to be the official birthday of Barbie as she made her first appearance on March 9, 1959 at The International Toy Fair (yes, the same Toy Fair that I attended last month and have been sharing reports on) on that day! In celebration of her birthday, is having a 25% off sale – just in case you had a special Barbie on your wish list right now – and I made a collage of Barbie Birthday Inspiration from everyone’s favorite inspiration spot these days, Pinterest (follow the DollDiaries board).

Happy Birthday Barbie

Our Barbie inspiration comes from: (click on links to see the original “pin”)

1. Beautiful Barbie Cake

2. Barbie Party Cookies

3. Barbie Lunchbox

4. Barbie Party Ideas

5. Barbie Favor Cake

6. Another Barbie Cake

7. Free Barbie Party Invitation

8. Barbie Cakepops

Do you remember your very first Barbie? I don’t but I do remember spending hours and hours playing with Barbie and her friends in my room, making furniture for them out of plastic cups, aluminum foil, cardboard and other things I could find. I really wish I still had all my old Barbies, but something tells me they got lost in one of our many moves or sold in a yard sale (better guess).

Happy Birthday Barbie!!