I hope you enjoyed our Happy Birthday Rebecca post and Throwback Thursday while we were up at the American Girl store in DC (well, really it is in VA at Tyson’s Corner). We had a great time and made a few new friends while we were at it. Natalie decided to take Gwen with us and she had a well thought out list of things to get with the money she has been saving since January. I had a few things on my list, too, but ended up not getting what I thought I would. 

Gwen had fun “photo bombing” a lot of the displays at the store. I thought you might enjoy Gwen’s commentary.

“Hey Kit! Fancy meeting you here! Do you mind if I take a ride with you and Grace?”

“Oh, hey Julie! Do you mind if I stretch out on your towel and catch a few rays?”

“Molly, you look soooo stylish in your swim dress. I told Char she should get this for you… with the suit, sandals, cool necklace, beach ball and towel, it is a great value. I wonder if she listened to me?”

“This is a pretty snazzy new bike! The pet trailer on the back is way cute, too!”

“Oh, Picasso, you are so soft! Be careful with Saige – you wouldn’t want to mess up her hair now!”

“It’s Alex!! Well, her twin – complete with the pin curls that Alex no longer has.”

“Up, up and away!! I love this place! Please don’t make me go – we are having sooo much fun.”


“I even made a new friend! Just a few doors down from AG you can find Gotz dolls from Pottery Barn Kids. This is Marianne wearing the Holiday Party Dress. I’m not sure where her shoes are, but I like her dress. She was very friendly, too.”

So, what did we get today? Natalie picked out #57 and bought her with her own money, I bought Molly’s bathing suit set, and I bought the Store Exclusive Berry Skirtini to use as a GIVEAWAY for one of our lucky readers. More photos to come later today and tomorrow.