Diana always seems to be able to find the best deals and most unique finds!  She has two more beautiful German dolls for us to enjoy today.

Gotz Sissi 2009

I am not sure of the exact year this face mold was introduced (2009 ??)but it was used on one of the most sought after dolls from Gotz which is called the Winter Doll by Zaumberwelt. This one is Sissi (thanks to Maxine she found the name) and she is from 2009. She has blonde hair and brown eyes, and when you look at her she seems to have a perplex look, very unique.

Gotz Sissi 2009

Here is a close up of Sissi, her dress is so detailed and very well made by Gotz. She came with a pony tail, but she immediately went to Diana’s doll Hospital for a new hair style. She has long beautiful hair.

I wanted to show a comparison of these two face molds which at times can be misinterpreted. On the left is Nathalie a 2001 Gotz and on the right is the 2009 Zaumberwelt face mold, similar but different. Both have that perplexed look like they are confused. They are both unique and beautiful in their own way.

Kidz n Cats Grace

Here is Grace from Kidz n Cats by Sonja Hartmann. I fell in love with Grace but she was sold out, she is a 2012 doll and has 11 joints. I had given up of ever finding her, but last week she was on eBay, brand new and very reasonable. I did not hesitate to get her and she was gone in no time at all. She wears a beautiful purple outfit and holds her kitty cat who is wearing the same outfit. She is blonde with brown eyes.

Here is a close up of Grace and she is wearing my 2nd favorite color…;-)


As always, thanks Diana for sharing your beautiful photos with us!