One of the Doll Diaries readers, Tara, just sent me the most amazing photos of the American Girl doll sized dollhouse they built for their daughter. Talk about one LUCKY little girl and some very pampered dolls!

They started by building four rectangular boxes each measuring 4’ W X 2’ H X 2’ D. Two of the boxes have a removable center wall. Each room has a ceiling center battery operated light.

American Girl Doll Dollhouse

The American Girl doll sized rooms are perfect for play. I love the doll shoe shelf on the end, too!

Now for a tour inside.

American Girl Doll Sized Doll House Room for Samantha

Samantha’s bedroom tops off the house with her Scenes and Settings as the background. There is also a horse stable on the top of the house.

American Girl sized doll house purple room

Moving down to the second floor. The purple Living/ Craft & TV room has a purple bathroom rug, a trundle bed for company (Tara made the bedding), Chrissa’s craft table and a box used as a flat screen TV with interchangeable pictures cut out of the American Girl magazines.

American Girl doll dollhouse dining room

Also on the second floor is the Yellow Tea Room which has a laminate wood floor bought at Lowe’s. The room’s furnishings are from The Queen’s Treasures (a fabulous site to find neat stuff for your dolls).

American Girl Doll Doll House for 18" dolls powder room

On the ground floor there is a pink room which is the Salon. It has Molly’s vanity, a shelf to house all of the hair goodies and a home made sink made from a box and a small round mirror and a small glass votive candle holder for the sink.

American Girl doll 18" sized dollhouse bunkbeds

Next to the salon is Felicity & Elizabeth’s bedroom complete with bunk beds. The beds and desk/table are from The Queen’s Treasures. Tara made the bedding and used tack paper for the floor. Their picture is hung in a Victorian style frame.

American Girl doll house bedroom

The blue room is a guest room featuring Molly’s bed and night stand. It has hardwood floors with a Mackenzie Child’s napkin for a rug. Tara also made a blanket, pillow and drapery to hang behind the bed.

American Girl doll house rainbow bedroom

The Rainbow room is Lanie’s. The walls are blue with painted clouds, flowers and a rainbow. The floor is painted green. Her furniture is Kit’s bed and desk and Lanie loves it!

I want to thank Tara and her daughter again for sharing these fabulous pictures with us!! Now I have started thinking about how we could adapt some of these ideas for our own doll space.

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