I was looking for ideas for Barbie birthday cakes with a friend of mine and was totally amazed at how many beautiful and creative Barbie cakes are out there.

I love the detail on this Barbie cake’s dress:


For example, look at this gorgeous Barbie Mariposa cake I found on Flickr:


And this gorgeous Swan Lake Barbie cake:


Actually if you do a search on Flickr for Barbie cakes, there are hundreds of them.

I like this Cake Space Barbie cake as well:


These two are more traditional but cute still:

There are a variety of cake pans you can get to use as inspiration:

Or use these party supply packs as inspiration:
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Barbie, princesses and other doll themes are such popular birthday party themes for little girls and I am always amazed by the creativity of those who can actually design and decorate cakes.