In honor of Saige’s new movie, Diana has some fun things to share with us!

Let’s start with a quick photo story called “Saige Gets the Part.”

Saige was so thrilled when she was told that she got the leading role in the American Girl movie called Saige Paint’s the Sky.  She was outside the theater where she saw the sign for a casting call…wanting to audition girls with blonde hair and blue eyes.  She quickly got her iPhone to text her friends.

Saige’s friends quickly went for the audition. They had to form a line and wait.  From left to right Saige’s friends are;  Harmony Rose (Harmony Club Dolls), Lily (Gotz doll), Dabbie (AG doll) and Sarah (Gotz doll).

Here is a close up of all the girls. Which do you think will get the part?

And while we are on the topic of Saige and Diana…

Last weekend Diana was in Hobby Lobby (a very dangerous place!) and found that they had 40% off some of their Southwestern items. She spotted a couple of things. First a placemat and napkins with a Southwestern design. Second, she spotted some adorable southwestern dishes – a pot, bowls and platter with a cover, perfect size for the dolls.

Saige was excited as soon as she saw the placemat and napkins, she knew what Diana had in mind!

Dabbie was picked to be in the movie with Saige, so she got to model the new outfit! Yes, made out of the placemat and napkins. Diana used the section with the Southwestern design for the shawl from the placemat. The napkin material was more suitable for the skirt and blouse. She had to use two napkins to make the outfit and I still have material for something else. Outfit was less than $5.

Dabbie invited Saige to her grandmother’s ranch house where they enjoyed some turkey and southwestern soup. It is still chilly in the evenings so a bowl of hot soup hits the spot.

A closer look at the pot, bowls and platter found at Hobby Lobby. They came in several different colors: blue, orange, yellow and lime. I found that the blue set would go better with Saige’s collection. They are made out of ceramic so I do not recommend for younger children.

Pot with cover, bowls, platter with cover at Hobby Lobby.


Thank you as always for these great finds and sharing your creativity with us Diana!