100 Days of Doll Play ideas

While Doll Diaries is not being updated anymore, there is so many great ideas, activities and printables that you can still enjoy. The 100 Days of Doll Play was a project I took on for the Summer of 2012. It’s popularity with readers of all ages caught me completely off guard! Now you can find all of the activities featured in that series in one place!! These ideas are perfect for summer days, rainy days, parties, play dates and every day!

Let’s start with a video recap of all the fun we had that summer…

And now for the fun! Most of these activities include a free printable, too!

  1. Let’s Have an Ice Cream Party 
  2. Celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
  3. Perform on American Idoll
  4. Make A Summer Memory Board
  5. It’s A Pirate Thing
  6. Open a Pet Spa
  7. Run in the Olympic Torch Relay
  8. Make a Yarn Doll for Kirsten’s Birthday
  9. Make Phone, Tablet & TV for Your Dolls
  10. Play Hopscotch
  11. Mirror Mirror on the Wall
  12. Summer Read-a-thon
  13. Have a Ballet Class for Your Dolls
  14. Create Your Own Regency Style Dresses
  15. It’s a Flip Flop Kind of Day
  16. Make a Trophy for Dad or your Dolls
  17. Have a Picnic with your Dolls
  18. Make a No Sew Bolster Pillow for Your Dolls
  19. Shop ’til You Drop
  20. Recycle Lonely Socks in to Cute Doll Essentials
  21. Have a Doll Spa Day
  22. Make a Boogie Board for your Dolls
  23. Explore Your Doll’s Family Tree
  24. Celebrate International Fairy Day
  25. Make a Camera for your Dolls
  26. Make a Folding Gymnastics Mat for your Dolls
  27. Sunglasses and Snocones
  28. Take a Trip to the Dentist
  29. Make a Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon
  30. Put on a Magic Show
  31. Celebrate Canada Day
  32. Have a Beach Smoothie Party & Make Hula Skirts
  33. Play Checkers with your Dolls
  34. 4th of July Parade
  35. Make Breakfast for Your Dolls
  36. Recycle Empty Boxes into Shelves
  37. Set Up a Lemonade Stand
  38. Have a Car Wash
  39. Make Your Own 3-D Paper Rapunzel
  40. Make a Colonial Hornbook for Dolls
  41. Make a Braided Headband
  42. Make a Quick and Easy Doll Closet
  43. Host a Doll Party
  44. McKenna Movie Trivia Fun
  45. Make an Artist’s Palette
  46. Set Up a Candy Store for your Dolls
  47. Make an Electronic Keyboard for Dolls
  48. Host the Paw-lympics
  49. Make an Easy End Table for Dolls
  50. Make Masquerade Masks for your Dolls
  51. Make a Flower Garden for Your Dolls
  52. Practice Your Doll Photography
  53. Row Row Row Your Boat
  54. Make a Doll Sized Bowling Set
  55. Make a Doll Room in a Box
  56. To The Beach and a Cabana Craft
  57. Join Our Parade of Nations Olympic Celebration
  58. Babysitter’s Club
  59. Make an Easy Doll Clutch and Play Money
  60. Make Quick and Easy Hairbows
  61. Make a Doll Sized Lamp
  62. Dollympics Medal Ceremony
  63. Around the Campfire
  64. Make Artist Trading Cards
  65. Give Your Doll a Check Up
  66. Doll Bracelet for Friendship Day
  67. Make Gymnastics Uneven Bars
  68. Make a Doll Sized Scrapbook
  69. Anytime Doll Party Printables
  70. Make a Car from a Cardboard Box
  71. Make a Stylish Seat for Your Dolls
  72. Have a Groovy 70s Party (Part 1)
  73. Groovy 70s Party Part 2 Record Match Game
  74. Make an Easy Tote for Dolls
  75. Make an Upcycled Storage Box for Doll Clothes
  76. Celebrate Kaya’s Special Day
  77. Something to Cheer About
  78. Make a Super Simple Summer Top for Dolls
  79. Have a Super Sleepover Party
  80. The Easiest Doll Table Ever
  81. Kicking Off Back to School Week
  82. Make Doll Folders and School Supplies
  83. Ways to Make Doll Bookbags
  84. Make a Doll Sized School Locker
  85. Make a Classroom for your Dolls
  86. Make Duct Tape Toms for Dolls
  87. Celebrate National Dog Day
  88. Soccer Practice
  89. Make a Rosebud Circlet Like Samantha’s
  90. Laundry Day
  91. Make a Fish Tank for your Dolls
  92. Make a School Lunch Tote for Your Dolls
  93. Easy No Sew Fleece Poncho for Dolls
  94. Make Gymnastics Grips for your Doll
  95. Have a Cookout
  96. Get to Know Caroline Word Search
  97. Make a Safety Crossing Guard Set for Dolls
  98. Oh No It’s a Sick Day
  99. Simple Bunting Decoration for Dolls
  100. Be a Fashion Designer

WHEW!!! That is a lot of doll fun and crafting! We hope you enjoyed the 100 Days of Doll Play and while you are welcome to share these ideas with friends or on your own site, please make sure you credit the source and these posts may not be repackaged and sold as they are copyrighted.

Happy Doll Time!!