A few weeks ago we were invited to try out FashionPlaytes.com again. Natalie had so much fun designing tops, skirts, dresses and accessories for herself and her dolls while playing on site. You get to pick your article of clothing and then select from a large variety of embellishments to make it your own. At first she thought she wanted a cupcake design, but then she saw a music note and that was what she wanted. Our items arrived this week so Ivy and Alex gladly did the modeling.

Fashionplaytes doll fashion

Last year we designed a dress but this year we opted for two separate pieces to make more mix and match options. Ivy is modeling the blue skirt and while we could have added a design on the pocket we chose to keep it basic and just added the sliver sparkly border. The skirt is a stretchy t-shirt material and is a little snug on Ivy, but it is loose or fits perfect on some of the other dolls. Her top is from Sophia’s and the shoe are AG. 

Alex is wearing the relaxed sweatshirt Natalie created with the blue music note on it. It fits Alex with plenty of room to spare and looks good with jeans or leggings. Her jeans and shoes are AG.

The quality of the items is definitely above average and many of their doll sized pieces are on sale right now so you can get quite a bit of value for what you are spending.  FashionPlaytes is definitely an “experience” and part of the price is paying for that ability to create a custom piece. This is a great gift for a birthday or holidays – especially if you do a gift certificate so the recipient can enjoy the experience of creating her own fashions. 

Right now they are having a special promotion: Take 10% Off Orders of $25+ with code 10NOW at FPGirl! Ends 12/5.