My inbox is happy with lots of great photos and fabulous-ness that you have all sent me!

Doll house for 18" dolls

Kirren sent in photos of her built in bookshelf that she made into a doll house for her American Girl dolls.

“I just wanted to show you pictures of my built in dollhouse that I have in my room.  When we built our house, my parents put in a dollhouse, but I just recently found that it works great for American Girl dolls.  I took out 2 shelves, and filled it with my doll stuff!  In the attic/bedroom is Kirsten with her dolls.  The dresser is a little jewelry box I found at a thrift store.  On the bottom (the living room), Elizabeth, Beckie (Rebecca), and Camille (#55) are having a Valentines party.  I made the fireplace! 🙂  I hope that you enjoy the pictures!”
Annika used Karen’s balance beam post as inspiration for her purple doll beam.
“Kirsten is in an American Girl tee shirt with a tutu I made. Ruthie is in a dress that is sort of in progress; I have done the elastic and all, I just need to do some straps. The bed is made by my grandfather, and the mattress, pillow, and pink blanket are made by my grandmother. The blanket with the ties on the end of the bed is made by me though. I have had Kirsten for a long time and got her for my b day from my other grandparents. Ruthie I got this year, er, last year, for Christmas, and she is very happy to be with her best friend Kirsten! Lastly, the balance beam is made by me, using Karen’s idea.”
This is one of the photos of Violet’s doll room I LOVE the idea of using the American Girl doll boxes to make a canopy bed for your dolls. Nice work Violet!
Emma built her doll room in her closet. You can see even more photos at her blog: I love the ballet bar!
Vivy found some super cute doll sized pans and shared them on her blog – love the doll size heart pan!
Annie got creative and made a loft bed from a doll bunk bed set she already had.
“This is the overview, on the bed you can see my doll Katelyn, MAG 27. The bed includes a closet, desk and dresser, plus all her accessories. I didn’t spend a cent on this, I unscrewed the bottom bunk from a doll bunk bed I had, and put my doll’s stuff under it. It worked out very well.”
Madelon and her daughter Emily are always finding the best stuff! Here is a jewelry box which she recently purchased for 12.99 and used as a dresser. It is wooden and very well made. I think Nellie is enjoying it.
Also, Aisha – known for her AMAZING photos has just done two videos of McKenna and her outfits.
I will be helping judge one of Aisha’s video contests next week, too!
Thanks again to all our wonderful readers!! You are always welcome to send in photos to me at Send in your best photos with a description and you may be featured in a future post.