Here is a quick little photo story that I just had to share with you! We love our Little Miss Matched dolls Uptown Girl and Rock ‘n Roll Girl – also known as Emma and Hadley. We heard that the designer of the Little Miss Matched line, Jason Reilly of Tonner Toys was going to be there and Natalie wanted to know if there was any way we could get one of the dolls signed. After discussing it, we decided that it was only appropriate that Uptown Girl Emma make the trip to New York – she was our first Little Miss Matched girl and she knows how to dress for the big city!

Emma is ready for her BIG adventure to New York City!

Waiting to get buckled in to the car – she just can’t wait to see all her Little Miss Matched girls again and if she is lucky, meet Jason and Mr. Tonner!

Oh how exciting!! Its the whole group of Emma’s friends showing off the new outfits and suitcase they get this year at the Toy Fair. I will do another complete post on the Tonner booth and all the great new additions tomorrow or the day after. Stay tuned.

While Jason was giving Emma a little extra tour of the new Little Miss Matched outfits, Char got the great honor of posing with doll designer and owner of Tonner Dolls, Mr. Robert Tonner himself. WOW! What a highlight of the trip.

And Emma can’t wait to tell Hadley all about her trip and the new outfits and friends in the works! Oh, and her new “ink”…

Emma’s comment about “new ink” had Hadley a little worried… luckily what Emma wanted to show her was Jason’s signature behind her right ear.

And Mr. Tonner’s signature behind her left ear – it’s a little tough to see from this angle, but Emma is truly a one-of -a-kind girl now!!

Thank you again to Jason Reilly, Jack Kralik and Robert Tonner for taking the time to talk with me and introduce me to all the new dolls and new releases! It was truly one of the highlights of my trip to Toy Fair!