One of my all time favorite outfits is Emily’s Snowsuit. I have looked at it ever since it came out and just love the shade of yellow in the jacket. When I saw it go on sale again the week after Christmas I just had to get it .. and I’m glad I did as it is not showing up on the American Girl website right now.

Emily's Snowsuit

The mailman brought me a package today and when I opened it up I just couldn’t help but to sigh. The beautiful butter yellow and blue jacket for Emily was pretty up close than I expected.

Emily's Snowsuit

It didn’t take me long to get Emily from my daughter’s room and dress her in weather appropriate gear – it’s cold, you know!! The outfit consists of blue bib overalls, the yellow and blue coat, brown boots and mittens – complete with the connector string so you don’t lose just one.

American Girl Maplelea Girl

And for a girl who HATES winter, I do LOVE the dolls in their snowy winter gear. From left to right – Maplelea Taryn in her snow gear, Kanani in the Sporty Winter Outfit, Emily in her snowsuit, Maplelea Saila in her meet outfit, and Gwen wearing Chrissa’s snowsuit.

Doesn’t Emily just look AMAZING in this outfit?