There has been a lot of talk around here recently about Ellowyne from Wilde Imagination, but did you know she has friends? Yep, she does. The other girls in the Ellowyne line include the brand new Lizette, Amber and Prudence. Each of them has a different face mold but their bodies are the same. One of our readers, Lisa, has two of the original Prudence dolls and was nice enough to share them with us.

In Lisa’s words: “I have two of the original Wigged Out Prudences, but they manage to be completely different characters. Redheaded Suvi is studious and thoughtful, while blackhaired Saike (rhymes with Psyche, it’s the short form of the Mongolian name Saikaana) is adventurous and much more aggressive.”

Wilde Imagination Prudence

Saike in her “steampunk archaeologista” outfit, a mishmash of patterns and scrounged electronic bits, and then a detail of the bits I put together for that outfit.

Prudence by Wilde Imagination

A closer look at Saike’s accessories and you will also notice she is wearing a different wig.

Wilde Imagination Prudence

This is Suvi in the Adams Harris “Notorious” pattern, a period-specific Colonial dress.

This is Suvi’s dress from the front. Just gorgeous.

I love seeing different collector’s photos! Thanks Lisa for sending these in.