How to do a spider web or veil hairstyle on dolls

Why pay $20 to have this adorable hairstyle done on your doll’s hair at the American Girl Salon, when it is SOOOO easy to do yourself? And, you don’t have to save this cute style just for Easter, but if you use colorful rubber bands and add a pretty bow, it is perfect for a springtime gathering! It is known as the “Spider Web” or a “Veil” style and is very popular with gymnasts, cheerleaders and dancers, too.

How to do a spider web or veil hairstyle on dolls

To create this cute Easter hair style you will need:

  • Water bottle to mist your doll’s hair
  • Small colorful rubber bands (you can find them in the hair section at most stores – or get a pack of 200 for less than $1 at Sally Beauty Supply)
  • Brush (remember – don’t share brushes with your dolls and I recommend using one from AG or similar)
  • A comb that has a long skinny handle (not required but it helps)

Start by lightly spritzing your doll’s hair and brushing it smooth. Then decide whether you want three small ponytails (like I did on Sonali’s hair) or five Β small ponytails to start with.

Section off your middle ponytail first and wrap it with a colored rubber band. As you are making that first ponytail, be sure to comb the hair back and secure the ponytail while the section of hair is relatively flat to the head or your style will be super bumpy.

Next create another section. I find using the back end of this metal handled comb to make my sections works best. Comb the section smooth and secure with a different colored band. (You can make them any color pattern you want!)

Try to place the bands at about the same distance from the face – this may take some practice.

Repeat this process on the other side.

If you are starting with 5 bands, you need to go back and section off one more piece on either side and secure them with the bands.

McKenna’s hair is long enough that you could be done here and just let the back of her hair be down. Or, you can add another layer.

When you do the second layer, you will use the entire outer pony tail, but you will split the next one over in half. Secure the outside piece and half of the next one with a colored band.

For the next one, take half from each ponytail and secure them together.

Wasn’t that easy? Now, you can let it be done here or you can make one more layer using the same method as you did before. OR you can pull it into a final ponytail like this.

Just comb or brush all the hair up into a ponytail and secure with a thicker band. Add coordinating ribbon for a bow or whatever accessory you think looks best.

You can do this style on your own hair – or have your Mom, sister or BFF do it – and then you can match your doll.

McKenna is ready to go help her friends find that LAST Easter Egg!!

Here is a tip – when you are ready to change hairstyles, do not untwist the hair bands and take the ponytails out that way. You will rip your doll’s hair. Have a grown up use tiny sewing scissors to CAREFULLY cut the bands so you can unwrap them without damaging your dolls hair.Β 

You can get creative with this hairstyle and make your own variations depending on the style of your doll’s hair and how much patience you have πŸ˜‰

Have fun with this!