Last summer, Lillian, Nicolette, Blaire, and Elle were walking around the neighborhood and Elle spotted a large blue object.”Hey, what’s that thing?” Elle asked. “I don’t know.” Blaire and Lillian said in unison. “Oh, that is a scooter!”Nicolette said. “How do you know what it is, Nicolette?” Lillian asked. “I do my research.” Nicolette said confidently. “Yeah right.” said Elle.  “So you put your feet on the footpads and hold on to the handles then just push and off you go!”Nicolette said excitedly. “This seems like a kid toy you know, like one that Little Miss Matched Girls would play with.” Lillian said. “Yeah and it is not even pink!” Elle said in shock. Meanwhile Blaire sat down on the ground and started inspecting every detail there was. “Hey girls, I think this is for 18 inch dolls.” Blaire said. ” We are 16 inch dolls so we can ride it too.” Nicolette said. “So who does it belong to?” Elle asked. “Hey wasn’t Julie riding a scooter just like this last week?” Blaire asked. “Yeah she was!” Lillian exclaimed.” Let’s go to her house and tell her where her scooter is!” Blaire said. “Okay!” They all said. Everyone ran to Julie’s house.

When they got there they knocked on the door. Squeak,squeak! “Hello girls! What’s up?” Julie asked as she opened the door. “Julie are you missing your scooter?” Elle asked. “YES! Did you find it?”Julie squealed. “Yeah, Lillian and Nicolette, can you girls go get it?” Blaire asked. “Sure.” said Lillian,  and Nicolette and Lillian ran down the street to get the scooter. When they returned with the scooter Julie was so happy and she thanked the girls by baking them cookies and making lemonade for them.