doll sized Monster High birthday party

One of our super creative readers, Brandy, has a real treat for us today! She is going to show you how to make a Monster High themed birthday party for your American Girl dolls and their 18″ friends. I have added some fun Monster High printables to the bottom of the post, too. 

Over to Brandy!

My youngest daughter is going to have her 5th birthday soon. She wants a Monster High party. BUT, she also wants her much loved American Girls doll to be part of her special day. Hmmm….so with a little creativeness I came up with a super cute party idea that I know will make my daughter and her friends very happy. Here is how I did it:

American Girl Dolls Gone Ghoul Birthday Party Theme

Monster High Party Favor Bags

Each girl will take home a ‘Monster High Party after the Party’ gift bag. 

Monster High Party Favor Bags

Inside each bag are a Freaky Fabulous Cake, Scary Cute Cookies, Ghouls Rule Punch, plates, napkins, cups, and spoons. (Most of the food crafts I make are in servings of 6 because my daughter’s doll dining table has six chairs.)

doll sized Monster High Cake

Freaky Fabulous Cake: This cute cake was made from thick black and thin hot pink foam paper. I used a circle hand punch to make details for icing. I used a rectangular hand punch for white accents…wanted it to look a bit like a zipper. The topping décor are Monster High stickers found in the dollar bins at Target. I glued the stickers to toothpicks and pushed into foam. I placed the cake on a black paper plate cut down to size with a paper doily on top. The cake pan is the lid to a 4 inch round paper mache box painted silver.

doll sized Monster High Cake

So cute!

Monster High cookies for dolls

Scary Cute Cookies: The cookie base is made from black, pink, blue, purple foam paper the size of a quarter. For the skull icing on top I printed a sheet of many small MH skulls onto to card stock paper, cut them out, I then hot glued them to white foam. Then the white foam was cut and then glued to the cookie base. Cookies are stored in a dollar store container. The lid of the container can be used as a serving platter.

doll sized Monster High party

Ghouls Rule Punch: I used various one inch sized pom-poms in pink, black, blue, and purple. I included an extra spoon to use as a ladle. You could also use the pom-poms as Ghoul Rule Ice Cream. The punch is stored in a dollar store container, to also be used as a punch bowl.

doll sized Monster High party

Plates: I used dollar store black paper plates and cut down to doll size…about 2.5 inches round.

Napkins: I used dollar store black napkins and cute down to size…about 3.5 by 1.5 inches.

Cups: Communion Cups

Spoons: These are the sample spoons we get from out local Sam’s Club. (The sample lady was more than happy to give me a few free spoons when I told her I was going to use them for a doll craft for my daughter.)

Pink Tote: This is a rubber tote bag from the dollar store. I think the little label added the perfect accent. The MH emblem was copy and pasted from a Google search.

The doll outfits are from Etsy shop, Mini Me Dolly Divas.

doll sized Monster High Party

Overall these crafts were inexpensive but did take a little time to complete. But, the time will be well worth it ………..the girls with have freaky fabulous fun!!!

doll sized Monster High Party


Thank you so much Brandy for taking time to share your awesome creative party idea with us. These could easily be made for doll play days, too!