Quite a few of you asked me how I made the art in Saige’s gallery in the photo I took for the January Reader Photo Contest post (you can see the photo here) and since we are having a snow day today, I had a little extra time this morning to put together a quick how-to!

America Girl Saige

Saige is helping me get everything ready for her gallery.Β 

The supplies you need for a gallery of your own include:

There are lots of ways to display art – from hanging it on the wall to displaying it on an easel. I got this mini easel last fall and decided to spray paint it black. You may have an easel of some sort already or you can make one using Jen’s directions at her new American Girl Doll Play blog.

Using mini canvasses, you can make your own art with paints or Sharpie markers. I used Saige’s signature flower as the inspiration for my design – it’s not really a hard design at all – just a spiral and a few lines and flower petal shapes. Easy really.

Or you can totally “fake it” by finding a painting or illustration you like online (or in a magazine) then printing it out and wrapping your canvas. Just cut the picture about half an inch or so bigger than your canvas then wrap it like a gift securing the edges with tape.

I placed the canvas face down on the “painting” and wrapped the edges like I was wrapping a present. The tighter and neater you can make the edges, the more realistic it will look.

Tada! Saige’s abstract watercolor horse painting is ready to display.

I found a hot air balloon image that I really liked and used it for one of Saige’s art pieces. The little silver frame came from a Christmas Cracker of all things and we just cut out a picture of Saige from the AG catalog to go in it.

The wonderful thing about Saige and her collection is that they encourage creativity – use this as inspiration and then see what kind of art you can make for Saige on your own!