Make doll party food

You are going to LOVE and be amazed by this realistic looking holiday food that Brandy put together for us.

Christmas Eve is a big get-together for my family. We mingle, eat, and exchange gifts. There is so much going on that nobody wants to spend time cooking in the kitchen. A buffet of a variety of appetizers is the menu for this special day. I wanted to recreate these appetizers for my daughters to enjoy with their dolls….I have to admit I really enjoyed this craft.

How to make holiday doll food

Felicity, Kit and Ruthie have gathered with friends for a holiday gathering. The appetizers just look so yummy!

Believe it or not, the supplies used to make this delicious looking doll food are things you may already have on hand or can pick up very inexpensively at the craft store.

Supplies to make realistic American Girl doll food

Fun foam, wooden beads, wooden shaker pegs, some paint and glue are always good to have on hand.

How to make a doll sized Vegetable tray

Doll Sized Vegetable Tray

  • Vegetable Tray: The tray is a bead container (with the lid removed) from Michael’s.
  • Carrots: Orange foam paper cut into 1 inch thin strips.
  • Celery: Green foam paper cut into 1 inch thin strips.
  • Radishes: ½ inch round ball painted red. White fabric paint was used on either end for circle tips.
  • Broccoli: 1 ¾ Shaker Peg was used. Cut off. Each was painted green. Then a dark green maker was used at head of stem to make tiny accent circles.
  • Cauliflower: 1 ¾ Shaker Peg was used. Cut off. Each was painted white. Then white fabric paint was dabbed over head for accents.
  • Green Olives: 3/8 inch round bead painted green. Took a toothpick and shoved in a tiny piece of red foam paper.
  • Black Olives: 3/8 inch round bead painted black.
  • Pickles: Dark and light green foam cut into spears and layered on top of each other. Then I took a green marker to add seed details.
  • Dip: Cap to a travel mouthwash lid. Filled with hot glue and let to dry. Went over with white fabric paint and sprinkled very fine dark green paper on top.

Doll sized sandwich tray

Doll Sized Sandwich Tray

  • Ham Slice: rounded off 1 inch square of pink foam paper.
  • Cheese: 1 inch square of orange felt.
  • Tomato: ¾ inch circle of red foam paper. Then I took a red marker to add details.
  • Lettuce: 1 inch oblong shaped green felt.
  • Onion: ¾ inch circle of off white foam paper. I took a purple marker to add details.
  • Bread: 1 inch square of thick white foam paper. Then I used a tan marker to the sides for crust.

How to make doll sized broccoli and cheese casserole

Doll Sized Broccoli Cheese Casserole

Pieces of yellow and green foam paper were cut into tiny and irregular squares. All pieces were put into a bowl. I added enough Elmer’s glue to make all foam pieces moist. Used my fingers and mixed. I took a piece of wax paper and lightly sprayed it with cooking spray. I separated small clumps of the foam/glue mixture and let dry on the greased wax paper.

Doll sized cheese ball

Doll Sized Corn-beef Cheese Ball and Crackers

A 1-1/4 inch wood end cap was used. I made tiny pieces of corn-beef by using pink card stock paper and a 1/8 inch hand hole-punch. I would paint a small section of the ball in white fabric paint (thickly) and then sprinkle with paper…and repeat. Crackers were made out of tan foam paper and a pair of scalloped scissors. A brown marker was used to make accents on the crackers. I took two crackers and spread some white fabric paint and sprinkled with paper to mimic an individual serving.

Doll Sized Deviled Eggs

Doll Sized Deviled Eggs

Start with 7/8 inch wood split eggs from the craft store. I painted the eggs white. Then I used shiny bright yellow 3D fabric paint for the whipped yolk center.

Doll sized party food

Doll Sized Sweet and Sour Smokies

3/8 inch wood dowel rod was cut into ½ inch pieces. I cut them with wire cutters. Each end was sanded with fine sandpaper. Each piece was painted a reddish brown color.

Chocolate candy lollipops suckers for dolls

Doll Sized White Chocolate Suckers

Dollar Store Foam stickers used back to back with a tooth-pick.

How to make food for American Girl dolls

Doesn’t that just look delicious? If you are a doll it does! I love the attention to detail all the way down to the glittery red placemats!

How to make food for American Girl dolls

Ruthie and Merida (Brandy’s custom Merida) are ready to enjoy their appetizers.

Use Brandy’s great ideas as inspiration for your own dolliday feast – you can make just about any doll food item out of fun foam, construction paper, beads, felt, or tops from various containers – just use your imagination.

Thank you so much Brandy for this delicious doll play idea today!