How to make an easy doll purse

I wanted to share with you an easy to make doll purse for all occasions made from items you may already have. Today’s post is inspired by a friend of mine who gives me a new purse every Christmas so I can start the New Year with a New Purse. I really look forward to my new purse each year and now you can start that tradition with your dolls!

How to make an easy doll purse

To make your own doll purse you will need:

  • felt or fun foam
  • glue, glue dots or high/low temp glue gun * if you use a glue gun please have an adult help you. (You can also sew this purse by hand or with a machine)
  • thin ribbon
  • scissors
  • paper
  • a ruler
  • a pen

Step 1– Use your ruler, pen and paper to create a pattern piece for your purse. Measure a rectangle 4 inches by 3 ½ inches. Cut it out and place it on your felt or fun foam. Cut out your rectangle.

Step 2– Cut your ribbon to 6 inches – you will need two these will become the handles for your purse.

Step 3– Use your ruler, pen and paper to create a pocket pattern piece of 1 ½ inch square. Cut out this piece and then cut out one of felt or foam. Set aside.

Step 4– use your glue dots or glue to secure the handles for your purse as shown in the photo above. Place your glue 1 inch in on each edge. Let dry. If you use craft glue this will take quite a while to dry. If you use glue dots or a glue gun this will go very quickly.

Step 5– Run a line of glue down the sides of your purse as shown in the photo above, fold the purse in half so that the purse straps match and press down your edges let dry.

Step 6– Add the pocket to the front of your purse. Run a line of glue down three sides of the square and place it in the middle of your purse. Press down along the sides to secure.

Step 7– Add a detail to your purse. I cut out 5 small circles out of light pink to make a flower to go on my purses pocket. Glue the petal circles on to each other as shown above let dry. For the center I added a small square of the purse color.

Step 8– Glue the flower in place, let it dry and give it to your favorite doll!

Today I used my American Doll Room, my AG doll Samantha wearing an outfit made from a Liberty Jane Pattern, and shoes by Maplelea.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  I look forward to sharing more doll play ideas and crafts with you next week.