Sparkly stocking hanger

Anna is all about the sparkle – this morning she showed you how to add sparkle to a holiday outfit and last week she showed us how to take a simple mini stocking and make it a wow stocking for our dolls. Now it is time to make a sparkly hanger for those Christmas stockings.

sparkly hanger for doll stockings

It is sparkly, festive and a fun way to hang your doll stockings!

To make the sparkly stocking hanger you will need:

From top to bottom:

  • 1 regular canning lid
  • 2 wide mouth canning lids
  • 6″ of ribbon or cord
  • 2 suction cups with hooks (they are from a sun-catcher craft that you paint and hang in the window)
  • glitter foam
  • felt
  • sequins

To get started, lay down the 2 wide mouth canning lids and glue the regular canning lid in the middle.

Flip it over, place your ribbon as a hanger, and glue in place.  Cut felt to roughly cover the back.  Glue in place to secure together and add strength.

Put a suction cup on each of the wide mouth canning lids.

I used hot glue, but feel free to use your favorite liquid glue.  As long as you leave time for it to dry I’m sure it will work fine!  If you are using hot glue, work in little sections so it doesn’t cool too fast.  Glue a small section and sprinkle sequins on.  Repeat until it’s all sparkly.

After I covered the surface I decided to just sequin right over the suction cup.  Now you can barely see the hoop sticking out of that mass of sequins.  Ooh sparkly!

Print or write out your letters.

Turn them backwards on the BACK of your foam.  Trace and cut out the letters.

Make your push pin hanger sparkly, by gluing on a sequin!

Glue your word in place and hang your stocking hanger up!

 This fun stocking hanger will look great in your doll’s room or your room!