So many of our days of doll play this summer have been inspired by real occurrences at our house! And unfortunately, today’s day of doll play is too. Poor Natalie has been sick since she got home from school yesterday and is not feeling well enough to go to school today. There is a printable at the bottom of the post with Doctor’s Orders, a note for returning to school, a forehead thermometer and a pattern to make your own box of tissues for your dolls. It looks like our Maplelea Girl Saila is also under the weather today!

doll play sick day

“Oh no, Saila,” said Emily, “You have a fever. No school for you today!”

doll play sick day

After Saila woke up, her good friend Emily brought her the breakfast in bed tray complete with a cup of tea, a water bottle, an orange, a popsicle and a note from the doctor telling her what she needs to do to feel better.

doll play sick day

After a short nap, Saila was feeling a little better. She decided to snuggle up with her doll Caroline and read the Meet Caroline book. But, she still has the sniffles so its a good thing Emily brought the box of tissues, too.

I hope your dolls are all feeling well, but just in case, you will need to download the sick day activity sheet.

Doll Play Sick Day tissue box doctor note

Download the Sick Day printable activity sheet as a PDF file.

Have a fantastic day! I’m going to go make Natalie a cup of tea and take her the Caroline Box Set of books to start reading.