When I was in Natalie’s room the other day I noticed Samantha and Nellie up on the shelf looking a little lonely. I decided to bring them down to my office to hang out with Felicity and Kit for a while and thought Samantha might want to get something new, too. In Samantha’s Happy Birthday book she wears a rosebud circlet (headband) in her hair. Since we do not have Samantha’s Birthday outfit, I thought a rosebud circlet would be easy to make and look great with her Bridesmaid dress instead.

How to make Samantha's Rosebud Circlet

Like most of the 100 Days of Doll Play, there is more than one way to do this craft! I used 36″ of light purple ribbon and some little fabric flowers I found at the craft store for just a few dollars. You could use flowers you cut out of felt, or tissue paper flowers or really or you could make your own paper roses.

Step 1 – Find the center of your ribbon and place your first flower there. Some of my flowers had self adhesive dots on the back of them and some of them didn’t. You could attach the flowers to the ribbon with a hot glue gun (get an adult to help please), hand sew them on (I did this) or use craft glue to hold them on.

Step 2 – Attach as many flowers as you would like to the ribbon. You can add extra ribbons to the sides, curl the ribbon, add some sparkle – get creative

Step 3 – Tie the circlet around your doll’s head

How to make a floral headband for dolls

Floral headbands or circlets have been popular with girls in just about all periods of history. They are simple, feminine and can be made to go with anything.

How to make a floral headband for dolls

And the finished product! Samantha is feeling very pretty in the bridesmaid dress and thinks the circlet goes perfectly for the occaision.

Have fun creating pretty circlets for all your dolls!