We just got back from meeting Natalie’s teachers and dropping off her school supplies at the school. She starts back at school tomorrow, so we decided to dedicate this whole week’s worth of doll play activities to one of the most popular doll play themes – SCHOOL. There is a printable today so be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to print it out.

doll play school activities

“Kit, Nicki, you both got envelopes in the mail today,” said Kailey as she came back from her walk out to the mailbox.

doll play school activities

“I wonder if it is our teacher assignments for school this year?” replied Kit.

doll play school activities

“So, who did you get?” asked Kailey.

“Ms. Doll is my teacher and it looks like I have Math first every day – ugh!!” said Kit.

doll play school activities

“Really, Kit? I have the same teacher and what looks like the same schedule as you do!” said Nicki, “It’s going to be a great year!”

Get your dolls ready to go back to school with the printable teacher welcome letter and schedule I made for you. I also made you a template for the manila envelope. Cut out the pattern below and trace onto a manila envelope or card stock. Fold on the lines to make an envelope like the one Nicki is holding. You can either glue it or use clear tape. I used a sticker to hold the top envelope flap down.

printable doll school items

Download the back to school printables for dolls as a PDF file.

Are you or your dolls excited to go back to school?