In McKenna Shoots for the Stars there is a scene where McKenna stumbles across the Rhythmic Gymnastics team doing a full rehearsal and Toulane follows her. When Toulane sees the girls doing the ribbon, ball, clubs and hoop she is overcome by their beauty and the connection to dance. The new Performance set from AG for McKenna also includes rhythmic gymnastics equipment – her ribbon and her hoop.  For today’s doll play activity, we are going to make the ribbon – because it is just that easy!!

McKenna's Performance outfit

Madelon was at the American Girl store this week and bought McKenna’s Performance set. The ribbon in the set was the inspiration for today’s activity.

American girl Ivy as Toulane

Here is Toulane (also known as Ivy – Kanani and Marisol also make great Toulane stand ins) with her new gymnastics ribbon. She is practicing a move called spirals.

how to make a gymnastics ribbon for dolls

Making the gymnastics ribbon is SO easy!

  • Step 1 – Cut a 2-3″ piece from a drinking straw
  • Stwp 2 – Attach a piece of ribbon to the straw with tape.

I used ribbon that has wire edges so that I can form the ribbon into the sprirals, zig zags or what ever shape Toulane needs them to be in. You can use any ribbon but the wired edge works great for this activity.

There is no printable activity for today, but expect one tomorrow.

If you want to watch the Rhythmic Gymnastics clip from the movie it is on the American Girl website under McKenna’s movie. It is the second clip on the right side.