Holiday Doll Play St Nicholas Eve

December 6th is a big part of the holiday season, especially in Europe, where they still celebrate St. Nicholas Day (in honor of the 4th century saint bearing his name) . Since today is the 5th, our dolls are getting ready for the festivities by putting together their wish lists and placing their shoes by the door before bed. They hope that tomorrow morning their shoes will be filled with candy and small gifts.

I have created a printable for this activity that includes three different doll sized wish lists – one is for Hanukkah, one is for Christmas and one is just holiday related. There are also some printable goodies to put in your dolls’ shoes and ideas how to make your own.

Doll play St Nicholas eve

Kirsten is showing Samantha where all the shoes should go. They are all lined up before bed time and their wish lists are there, too. Now is when I wish I had Kirsten’s Baking Outfit with her wooden shoes.

Doll play St Nicholas eve

Everything looks ready go according to Carly. Off to bed everyone and we’ll see if St. Nicholas left anything in the morning.

Doll play St Nicholas eve

Looking forward in time, it does look like St. Nicholas visited the girls!

Doll play St Nicholas eve

The girls got all sorts of goodies from candy canes to toys, candy coins and little accessories.

Printable wishlists and candies

Download the printable wish lists and candy to put in your doll’s shoes for St. Nicholas Day as a PDF file.

I hope you and your dolls have fun with this activity!