Make a snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Whether you live in a snowy climate or warm one, snowmen are just part of winter in general. They are super easy to make doll sized using what ever you have on hand!

doll sized snowman

Chrissa and Camille had fun building their snowman in the field.

First, gather your snowman making supplies. You can use styrofoam balls, cotton balls, balls of white model magic clay, or even white socks (that have lost their match) rolled into a ball as the snow man base. Then use items from around the house to make eyes, a nose, buttons, scarf, hat and arms. Be creative. Make a crazy snow man, a blinged out snowman, a traditional snowman – what ever works for you!

I used three styrofoam balls that I had left from another project. Ideally I would have three sizes so I could stack the biggest one on the bottom, but this worked too. If you press the bottom ball onto a hard surface you can make the bottom flat so it will stand. To attach the three balls together, I ran a skewer through the middle. If you are using cotton balls or other materials, you may want to glue them.

I’ll let you know how I made ours, but you can get creative with your snowman design. I used a Santa hat from the dollar store for “Snowy’s” hat. The eyes are just stickers and the nose is a piece of fun foam. The scarf was cut out of a piece of felt and the buttons are just pompoms. The arms are pipe cleaners. As simple as “Snowy” is, he is just as cute as can be!

I ran the photo through PicMonkey’s snow storm to give the appearance of real snow falling from the sky! Too much fun.

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