There are so many variables that go into taking that perfect photo, but thanks to software (like my favorite free program you can fix a lot of issues after you take the photo. Diana has a few tips of her own to share with us today.

Diana’s Top Three Tips for Good Photos

1. In taking a good picture it is important that your doll is at her best. What does that mean? Well, her hair is combed and style to bring the best in her. Adding a barrette or a ribbon to a simple style is all it takes.  Try to match the hair embellishment with colors of the outfit.

2. Pick an outfit that best brings out the colors of her eyes, hair and skin tone. Make sure the colors contrast but also provide charm and beauty to her features.  Also add something extra such as a purse, puppy dog, iPhone, etc so to put her in action.

3. Now to achieve the perfect photo:

Lighting is very important to the camera and goes along with the pose you give your doll. Here you see how too much lightning can cause shadows.  These shadows become more obvious once you see the photo, so try to look at the doll’s surroundings before you take the picture, do you notice shadows?  If you do then lighting needs to be adjusted.

Here is an example of a close up with too much lighting causing the shadows, yet once the light is removed and you back away the shadows disappear.  There may be natural shadow due to the angle of the picture.

Close ups are at times difficult, due to the angle of the camera and how it captures the eye color.  Here the camera captured her eyes straight ahead making them glow too much giving her a scary look.

Here is a even closer shot causing the lighting to be less, although her eyes still catch the light and do not provide a soft look. Also notice that the close up cut off the top of her head, causing her not to be centered in the picture. A head close up needs to capture the object’s entire head without cutting off parts.

Here is a close up using natural light and tilting her head just slightly down.  Her her eyes are not scary but still bring out the beautiful blue.  In my opinion providing the perfect shot.

Some times it takes a lot of shots, just like the professionals do when you take a studio picture to capture that right moment, using lighting, pose and natural beauty, but when you capture it, it is a picture to be displayed!


Thanks Diana for these great tips! Lighting is probably one of the biggest challenges to getting the right photo – in my opinion.