One of the suggestions I have received is to feature a doll of the week – and to that I say “great idea!” I felt it would only be fitting to kick off the new series by featuring the very first American Girl doll my older daughter got – she is a Girl of Today (now called MyAG) #3. She has light skin, blonde hair with bangs and blue eyes. Meet Nicole.

This is a rare photo of my older daughter – she was 6 years old when she got her very first American Girl doll who she named Nicole. This was taken in December 2004.

In January of 2005 I took advantage of the after Christmas sales and picked up a few things for Nicole. Oh, and the Bitty Baby in the photo is Natalie’s first doll that she got the same Christmas. It’s hard to believe the whole collection used to fit in one little box.

American Girl dolls

Nicole loves having friends over and this is definitely one of her favorite outfits that she and her friend’s doll both have. It is called the Tropical Breezes outfit and Nicole got it for Easter in 2005 (the outfit is from 2004 and I got it on sale).

American Girl doll AGT 3

Nicole has had lots of adventures over the years – from visiting Ireland, going to New York, a trip to Orlando and countless visits to friends’ houses for tea parties and fun. This is another favorite outfit to this day – it is the 2003 Paisley Dress and Talent Show accessories.

American Girl Elizabeth, Nicole, Felicity

Now doesn’t Nicole look adorable with her two braids? Actually, she and Kirsten could definitely pass as twins! Nicole helped Elizabeth celebrate her birthday a few years ago along with Felicity. Elizabeth is wearing the 2003 Birthday Party Outfit with Accessories, Nicole is wearing the Sightseeing Outfit from 2005 and Felicity is wearing one of my all time favorites, the Irish Dance Outfit of Today from 2005 that was considered part of Nellie’s collection.

American Girl

As Megan has gotten older, she is not into playing with her dolls as much, but she does love Nicole! She let Nicole go visit with her cousin for most of last year so that she could enjoy dolls while waiting to get her very own American Girl doll. Nicole is back, dressed in her super cute Barbie Wants To Be Me outfit from Mini Me Dolly Divas. It is very fitting since Megan is more into collecting the high fashion Barbies and her room is all white, pink and black. Nicole also looks more grown up – just like her owner!

So I hope you enjoyed your first Doll of the Week feature and look forward to meeting another doll from our collection next week!

Who was your first doll?