Fans of Monster High – what do you think of Venus?  The daughter of a plant monster, Venus McFlytrap has a punk rock style, uses her pollen powers for good and is all about eco-friendly causes. She has a pet Venus Flytrap and attends Monster High School. Natalie really likes Monster High dolls and they have an entire corner of her room dedicated to them. She also took this set of photos.


Manufacturer Mattel
Size 12″
Body details Articulated vinyl
Face Painted
Eyes Light blue painted
Hair Pink and green rooted hair with one side “shaved”
Can share clothes with Some similarly proportioned fashion dolls
Average price $15-30 depending on the set
Where to buy Amazon, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, and other major retailers
Recommended for ages Ages 6 & up

Venus is explaining her answers to the class at Monster High. Her favorite subject at school is Biology and she is a member of the Garden Club.

Venus is definitely a colorful girl! There are vine accents on her legs and jewelry. Her long pink and green hair is actually fun to play with but hard to really style since most of one side is just pink fuzz to make it look like that side is shaved. 

A closer look at Venus and her edgy punk style. I am NOT a fan of all those earrings, but since she is a doll, it will work for her.  I do like the purse in the open locker next to hers – I wonder which one of her friends it belongs to?

Stop in tomorrow for printable trading cards for all the dolls featured this week and Doll of the Day will be back Monday with even more fabulous photos!