About a year and a half ago, the spunky collection of four happy poseable play dolls designed by Jason Reilly of the Tonner Toys company burst on the doll scene. The dolls were created in conjunction with the quirky, fun Little Miss Matched brand and were called Little Miss Matched Girls. While the partnership between the two companies is no longer, our love of the LMM dolls lives on. Today’s doll of the day is LMM Rock ‘n Roll Girl who Natalie named Hadley.


Manufacturer Tonner Toys
Size 15.25″
Body details Hard plastic, articulated
Face Painted features
Eyes Painted violet eyes
Hair Medium brown, rooted
Can share clothes with Maudlynne
Average price $25
Where to buy Limited supplies still available at Toys R Us stores and online
Recommended for ages 5 & up

Hadley has been on some pretty big adventures already – like her trip to Ireland – but knows that she has so much more to see! She is scaling the Eiffel Tower in Megan’s room as practice for scaling the real thing one day!ย 

Music is Hadley’s life and it plays a big role in Natalie’s life, too. They both love to sing and Hadley plays guitar, too!

Of all the articulated (means they bend at the natural human joints like knees, ankles, etc) dolls we have, I think the Little Miss Matched dolls are the most fun to pose because they are naturally playful and are more durable than most dolls in their size range.

More photos of Little Miss Matched Hadley:

So, I have Hadley’s printables done and ready to go, BUT, the files are on my office computer. I am working on my laptop while Natalie is taking a theater class this evening and I had planned on sending the files to myself before I left the house but got distracted. Anyhow, I thought you would want to see who the doll of day was and I will just have to add the printable to it tomorrow.