Journey Girl Kyla

One of the most under-recognized lines in the 18″ doll market, in my opinion, are the Journey Girls. Sold by Toys R Us, Journey Girls are 18″ tall and have partial soft bodies. Today we are taking a look at Kyla – who I purchased last year for $32. I would consider the Journey Girls to be a slim body 18″ doll, however, they can wear clothes from just about any 18″ doll line and still look good. 


Manufacturer Geoffrey (aka Toys R Us)
Size 18″
Body details Vinyl with a partial soft torso
Face Unique face mold
Eyes Stationary, brown inset glass like eyes with soft eyelashes
Hair Rooted brown hair 
Can share clothes with 18″ slim body lines like Carpatina, Kidz n Cats, FAO, Magic Attic; Springfield fits well; some AG clothes will fit but may be a little big
Average price $32
Where to buy Toys R Us
Recommended for ages

Ages 6 & up

Kyla is wearing a Carpatina slim body dress in this photo. The dress fits her except one snap – at the broadest part of her chest – does not snap. This is one of my absolute favorite dresses though. One neat thing about the Journey Girls is that their heads don’t just move side to side – they can move up and down, and at an angle too. The other interesting thing is that the Journey Girls feet are sculpted – as in they have an arch in their foot.

The Journey Girls’ body is vinyl on top and soft on the bottom much like Karito Kids and the Madame Alexander 18″ dolls. The difference being that the soft body part of Journey Girls is almost understuffed which makes them off balanced – getting Kyla to stand nicely can sometimes be a challenge. The good part about her body construction is that sundresses, like this Madame Alexander one, look really good on her! Journey Girls hair is not that great. It is rooted, but thin. If you keep her hair up in a ponytail and don’t brush it a lot, it will stay nice though.

How do you like Kyla as a Colonial Girl? I knew she looked good in red, but I didn’t think she would be THIS CUTE! Felicity’s dress is a little big on her, but it still works.

Journey Girls are a nice friend for your other 18″ dolls and are pretty affordable. I wouldn’t say the are super high quality, however, for $32, they are a good value. Many of the Journey Girls accessories and furniture pieces work well with all 18″ dolls and are excellent add ons for what you already have. 

Which outfit does Kyla wear best?