Hearts for Hearts Girls Lauryce was selected as today’s doll of the day because she is from New Orleans and today is Mardi Gras (also referred to as Fat Tuesday). Also, I visited Hearts for Hearts Girls while I was at Toy Fair and it just reinforced to me what a great line of dolls these are! I met their designer and told her how much you all love what beautiful dolls she has created!

All of the Lauryce photos in this post were taken today by Natalie, who was helping me out afterschool so I could get this done quicker! Her photography skills are getting quite good if you ask me!


Manufacturer Playmates Toys
Size 14″
Body details Soft vinyl
Face Very sweet and slightly large for her body
Eyes Golden green (almost a light brown) inset eyes
Hair Crimped honey blonde rooted hair
Can share clothes with Corolle Les Cheries
Average price $30
Where to buy Lauryce is the hardest to find of the H4HG dolls. Try the Playmates Toys website, Amazon, Target
Recommended for ages Ages 6 & up

Last year when I went to Toy Fair I was absolutely stunned by Lauryce – the Hearts for Hearts Girls doll who is from New Orleans and is of Creole descent. As each of the H4HG dolls is matched up with local charities through World Vision, Lauryce’s mission was to help pets who had been displaced in natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

Lauryce comes dressed in a lightweight sleeveless dress, a polka dotted headband, shoes, earrings and bracelets.

Lauryce looks oh so sweet riding the “big” girls’ scooter on a sunny day! She can share clothes with the other H4HG dolls and also with Corolle’s Les Cheries line dolls.

The big thing to be aware of with Lauryce, is she is the most popular H4HG right now and also the hardest one to find. If you see her in stock at regular retail prices, you might want to get her because she is selling out as fast as stores get her. I learned that when the H4HG dolls ship to retailers like Target, they send an assortment and the boxes don’t all contain the same mix of dolls. This is why you may see Lauryce and Tipi in one Target and Rahel and Consuelo in another. What ever you do, DO NOT pay ridiculous inflated Amazon or Ebay prices for her. More Lauryce dolls are being made and will be shipping out to the stores.


For Lauryce’s activity sheet I decided to give you a trading card, 2 mini posters and I brought back the mask pattern we used in the Day 50 of 100 Days of Doll Play. Download Lauryce’s printable activty sheet as a PDF file.


The Hearts for Hearts Girls line is one of my absolute favorite play doll lines. Not only are they made well and designed to be so sweet, they teach girls about the importance of helping others through charitable acts and also about girls in different cultures.