Wilde Imagination’s Flights of Fancy Ellowyne was available only at the Tonner Convention last Spring. When I saw her amazing blue steampunk inspired look, glass eyes, super long eye lashes and that gorgeous hair, I just had to have her! Luckily for me, Charlie from DollsBehavingBadly.com was at the convention and was kind enough to get her for me! We renamed her Victoria and she is probably one of my absolute most cherished dolls in my collection (notice I did not say Natalie’s collection – the Ellowyne’s are mine ;-))


Manufacturer Wilde Imagination, a division of Tonner Doll
Size 16″
Body details High quality vinyl and hard plastic, 12 points of articulation
Face Designed by Robert Tonner
Eyes Inset greenish glass eyes, long eyelashes
Hair Curled auburn, rooted saran hair
Can share clothes with Depending on the piece, Tonner and other brand 16″ fashion dolls
Average price $125-175 depending on the outfit
Where to buy WildeImagination.com
Recommended for ages Collectors ages 14+

Victoria arrived in her workshop this morning to find her bird cage was open and her pet bird had flown away!

We found this cute bird cage at Michael’s yesterday for a dollar or so and an assortment of little glass bottles with cork tops in the scrapbooking section. Now, we just need to find Victoria’s bird! I may also repaint the bird cage – while I love red, it is not working with Victoria’s steampunk look in that shade.

Victoria is a rather serious girl. She is kind and thoughtful, but is happiest when she is tinkering away in the workshop creating something new. Her bird is her best friend… now we just have to find it!

Apart from the amazing colors in her outfit, I just love all the tiny details from the metallic gears to her gold wings to the drape of her sash at her waist. Victoria is just so perfect in every way.

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And, a note about the printables… I am going to have to come up with a different way to do them for the time being! Maybe all the trading cards and mini posters for the week will get posted in one printable or maybe only some posts will have printables. I will have to see, but for today, enjoy Victoria!!