Ellowyne Raw Edges was the third Ellowyne to be added to our collection. Since I got her near the time of my trip to Ireland last year, I gave her an Irish name – Aine (pronounce Anya). She also came wearing my second favorite color, purple (if you were paying attention, you learned earlier this week what my absolute favorite color is) from head to toe. She has a ruffled purple top, purple skirt, funky tweedy purple coat and purple suede boots. They mix and match well and look great with her coloring.


Manufacturer Wilde Imagination, a division of Tonner Doll
Size 16″
Body details High quality vinyl and hard plastic, 12 points of articulation
Face Designed by Robert Tonner
Eyes Painted blue eyes
Hair Rooted long red hair
Can share clothes with Depending on the piece, Tonner and other brand 16″ fashion dolls
Average price $125-175 depending on the outfit
Where to buy WildeImagination.com – retired so eBay is your best bet
Recommended for ages Collectors ages 14+

This is actually a photo of Aine from last year when I first got her. Her hair was done up in these elaborate twists right on top of her hair. While I liked that style, I wasn’t content with leaving it that way so down the style came! Now Aine can wear her hair in a variety of styles to match her outfit.

Sometimes Aine wishes she could turn back time and travel back to the days of bustle dresses, layers of petticoats and overskirts, and big frilly hats, but today she is just content to day dream – maybe I need to find her a good book?

It just occurred to Aine that all of the Ellowynes in our collection have now been featured as Doll of the Day! Oh, what will we do on Wednesdays now? I think that Wilde Wednesdays will be back and I will have to feature the other Tonner dolls and fashion dolls we have.

This might just be my favorite photo I have taken this week. There is just something about it… 

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