Doll of the Day Ellowyne Wilde Dark Days

Since the category for today’s doll of the day is fashion dolls and it also happens to be Wednesday, it makes perfect sense, that my very first Wilde Imagination, Ellowyne doll be in the spotlight.  This blonde haired, self-proclaimed Queen of my doll room, is called Dark Days and she was released in the Fall of 2010. She is now sold out. We renamed her Elle and she is definitely my favorite Ellowyne.


Manufacturer Wilde Imagination, a division of Tonner Doll
Size 16″
Body details High quality vinyl and hard plastic, 12 points of articulation
Face Designed by Robert Tonner
Eyes Hand painted gray eyes
Hair Straight blonde, rooted saran hair
Can share clothes with Depending on the piece, Tonner and other brand 16″ fashion dolls
Average price $125-175 depending on the outfit
Where to buy
Recommended for ages Collectors ages 14+

Ellowyne Wilde Dark Days

Elle has had her eye on the End of Time outfit from Wilde Imagination’s now retired Imperium Park line ever since it arrived and Aine snatched it up. Yesterday she decided that if she was going to really be Queen of the doll room, then she needed something a little more dramatic to wear than the simple black skirt and tee she did have on, and coerced Aine into slipping into something different so she could commandeer the outfit.

It is not surprising that Elle is full of sass and confidence – she truly is GORGEOUS and oh so photogenic. Sure, she gets jealous of the other new dolls from time to time, and has been known to be a little high strung, but she’s earned it. There is something so perfect about her from her icy blue/gray eyes to those deep red lips – she looks good in absolutely everything – even the Little Miss Matched girls separates.

Now Elle looks like she is ready to get down to business! Or maybe she is lecturing on the dolls in my office about how that is her chair, and only her chair, and that she is boss!


Ellowyne’s activity sheet includes her trading card, two doll-sized posters and she would like to know what you would do if you were Queen for a day. You could be Queen of the doll room, Queen of the neighborhood, the classroom, the library – you name it – it is your activity!

Download the Ellowyne Doll of the Day activity sheet as a PDF file.


Have a great afternoon! I would love to hear what you would do if you were Queen of the Doll Room for a day!